Fun reality: There’s a differenciation in that community for the term that is droid.

Fun reality: There’s a differenciation in that community for the term that is droid.

Android is comin from the greek prefix “andr-” for males. It’s the definition of especially employed for male-shaped/styled robots, whereas gynoid (gyno-) can be used for the feminine equivalent. These prefixes additionally got their-philia that are own. Androphilia could be the attraction that is sexual masculinity, and gynephilia feminity.


Attraction to transform someone / being changed in to a statue.

Usually lived away by using bodypaint, as well as in some full situations once again hypnotherapy. Fantasywise frequently lived away with art. Often additionally regarded as area of the ASFR, probably particulary the alt. Component.


Attraction to make somebody / being changed into a bit of furniture)

There are many variants of this being lived away, by using extravagant constructions, hypnotherapy, bondage, humiliation and so on. You will find variations for this both in intimate and non-sexual nature out here. Intimate relief section, chairs, tables, lampstands, art designs, chandeliers, along with other types all have now been seen on the internet currently. Plus in dream art it’s also very popular.

Another fetish this is certainly frequently attached to the above mentioned may be the

Encasement Fetish

Becoming stimulated when enclosed in a variety of means.

This comes for instance great deal with plastic dollification, or additionally simply generally speaking rubber. All things considered Total enclosure fetishism – having physique enclosed in a product – does additionally count as encasement. Another fandom this really is extremely popular in is spandex zentais, but not just. (더 보기…)

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